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A Collection of Works by William John Caparne

Lloyd Ellis has acquired a collection of pastels and watercolours by the artist and horticulturalist William John Caparne (1855-1940). This idiosyncratic polymath offers one of the least acknowledged and most intriguing stories of English art in the first half of

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Victor Mathias: An artistic mystery

  Little is known of the life of Victor Mathias, a prolific and idiosyncratic British artist. Tentative life dates of 1898-1987 and 1890-1960 have been suggested, and he is said to have been born and to have grown up in

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David Weeks, a sculptural modernist

King Edwards Totnes begun

David Anthony Weeks RCA (1927-1996)   We have been privileged to display and offer a large body of work by the British sculptor David Weeks, including sculptural works, maquettes, designs and studies. David Weeks was a significant sculptor and educator,

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Ryuson Chuso Matsuyama: A Japanese artist in England

We have been fortunate to acquire a collection of works by the Japanese artist Ryuson Chuzo Matsuyama (1880-1954). He was a member of a small but intriguing group of Japanese artists working in England during the first decades of the

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Halima Nalecz (1917-2008)

Halima Nalecz brought a mid-European glamour to a rather dowdy post-war London art market. In establishing the New Vision gallery in Marble Arch in 1956, and her own Drian Gallery in 1957, she created a vehicle for the active promotion

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A Cecil Hepworth Archive

We have been lucky enough to acquire a significant group of still images from the archive of the great pioneer British film maker Cecil Hepworth (1874-1953). The collection includes both portrait stills and stills from Hepworth’s extraordinary film output from

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