Lloyd Ellis: Fine Art; Antiques; 20th Century

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We deal in the fine and decorative arts. This website is for everyone interested in art and antiques. Here you can find works of art both simple and complex, historic and contemporary. You can find objects for under £50 and over £1000. But you can also find stories and explorations in the world of art.

Our business and our site are as much about our interest in the cultural value of objects, in identity and place, as they are about buying and selling. Whether old or new, ancient or modern, things that are well-conceived, well-designed and well-made have the potential to enrich our lives.

As well as selling, we are always interested in extending our stock by buying from our visitors. You can meet us in person, at our stands at antiques and collectors’ fairs (check the calendar for our next show), or experience us online.

Explore the various Rooms on our site. Come on in and enjoy!

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