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Victor Mathias (British, 20th century), River Landscape, oil on card, 1940


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Victor Mathias (British, 20th century)

River Landscape with poplars, rowing boat and dinghies, 1940

Oil on card, 132 mm x 127 mm

Faintly signed MATHIAS lower left, signed and dated in pencil verso, V Mathias, May: 1940.

The support has a slight horizontal curve, and is formed of a cut-down carton for Wilkinson’s Pontefract cakes.

The work forms part of an extensive series of pictures by Victor Mathias, which evoke a calm and idyllic landscape, reminiscent of southern France, with trees and rivers bathed in a soft golden light. These small landscapes are painted with confidence and bravura in a kind of urgent visual shorthand. Dabs of paint and a mixture of fluid and dry media are built up to give a rich texture and tonal range.

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